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Pink Clouds

The official music video for my song "Red Cup,"
which is about feeling out-of-place at parties.
I collaborated with a USC Cinematic Arts major to create it!

Nashville's famous Bluebird Cafe Open Mic Night! Here is my performance of my original song, "Mountain Top View"!

The teaser for my first single, "Naturally"!!!

Snippet of "Mountain Top View," a song about hoping the excitement of the beginning of a relationship will endure through the seasons.

Ironic that I am playing "Piano Man" as a girl with a guitar!

My mom took this video of my dad and me jamming on "I Feel the Earth Move" by Carole King!

One of my favorite Bob Dylan songs :)

Teaser video for my newest country song. Yeehaw!

A few highlights from some of my gigs this past summer!

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