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I was on the radio!

I got to be a guest on Nebraska Public Media's "Friday LIVE" radio show on Friday, July 15th. I got to talk a bit about my new release, "I Danced with a Cowboy"!
My interview starts at timestamp 42:50

I was in the Lincoln Journal Star!

'If Jackson Browne and Taylor Swift had a baby,' it might be Lincoln's Ingrid Griffin
by Pat Sangimino

"The lyrics are honest. They're poignant. They tug at your heart because the story is relatable. And more than anything, they're written with enough vulnerability to make us root for this story's teller."
-Pat Sangimino, about single "Red Cup"

Busking (noun): performing music on the street for tips

My dad and I spent last summer "busking" everywhere from my hometown farmer's market each Saturday to outside a coffee shop in Jackson Hole, WY.

When we busk, my dad plays cajon and I play guitar and sing. We tried to add a couple fresh songs to our set every week!

It quickly became our favorite part of the summer—it was so rewarding to see people walking by singing along or dancing to our music. One man told me that he would dance with his wife if we played "Brown Eyed Girl"—my dad and I immediately jumped into the song, and the man delivered!


I got the chance to be a guest on USC Soundstage!


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